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No Subject Author Pub. Date CQUeST No.
 92 Spheres, generalised parallelisability and consistent truncations Kanghoon Lee, Charles Strickland-Constable, Daniel Waldram arXiv:1401.3360 CQUeST-2013-0646
 91 Holography of Wrapped M5-branes and Chern-Simons theory Dongmin Gang, Nakwoo Kim, Sangmin Lee arXiv:1401.3595 CQUeST-2013-0645
 90 Quantization of Emergent Gravity Hyun Seok Yang arXiv:1312.0580 CQUeST-2013-0644
 89 Parametric dependence of irregular conformal block Sang-Kwan Choi, Chaiho Rim arXiv:1312.5535 CQUeST-2013-0643
 88 Charge-mass ratio bound and optimization in the Parikh-Wilczek tunneling model of Hawking radiation Kyung Kiu Kim, Wen-Yu Wen arXiv:1311.1656 CQUeST-2013-0639
 87 Thermodynamic and classical instability of AdS black holes in fourth-order gravity Yun Soo Myung, Taeyoon Moon arXiv:1311.6985 CQUeST-2013-0638
 86 Multi-faced Black Janus and Entanglement Dongsu Bak, and Hyunsoo Min arXiv:1311.5259 CQUeST-2013-0636
 85 New AdS2 solutions from M2-branes on complex curves Nakwoo Kim arXiv:1311.7372 CQUeST-2013-0635
 84 The nucleation of false vacuum bubbles with compact geometries Bum-Hoon Lee, Chul H. Lee, Wonwoo Lee, Changheon Oh arXiv:1311.4279 CQUeST-2013-0634
 83 Freely Falling Observer and Black Hole Radiations Wontae Kim, Edwin J. Son arXiv:1310.1458 CQUeST-2013-0631
 82 Local free-fall Temperature of GMGHS Black Holes Yong-Wan Kim, Jaedong Choi, Young-Jai Park arXiv:1311.0592 CQUeST-2013-0630
 81 The physical mechanism of AdS instability and Holographic Thermalization Sang-Jin Sin arXiv:1310.7179 CQUeST-2013-0628
 80 Abelianization of BPS Quivers and the Refined Higgs Index Piljin Yi arXiv:1310.1265 CQUeST-2013-0627
 79 Thermodynamics from field equations for black holes with multiple horizons Yongjoon Kwon, Soonkeon Nam CQUeST-2013-0626
 78 Generalized uncertainty principle induced from constraint system Myungseok Eune, Wontae Kim arXiv:1309.0588 CQUeST-2013-0624
 77 String Theory and Emergent AdS Geometry in Higher Spin Field Theories Dimitri Polyakov. arXiv:1307.7260 CQUeST-2013-0620
 76 Covariant action for a string in doubled yet gauged spacetime Kanghoon Lee, Jeong-Hyuck Park arXiv:1307.8377 CQUeST-2013-0619
 75 The general M5-brane superconformal index Hee-Cheol Kim, Seok Kim, Sung-Soo Kim, Kimyeong Lee arXiv:1307.7660 CQUeST-2013-0618
 74 The geodesic motion near hypersurfaces in the warped products spacetime Jaedong Choi, Yong-Wan Kim, Young-Jai Park arXiv:1306.3020 CQUeST-2013-0616
 73 Supersymmetry for Gauged Double Field Theory and Generalised Scherk-Schwarz Reductions David S. Berman, Kanghoon Lee arXiv:1305.2747 CQUeST-2013-0614
 72 Quasinormal frequencies of a massless scalar in the hidden Kerr/CFT proposal Taeyoon Moon, Yun Soo Myung arXiv:1306.1060 CQUeST-2013-0613
 71 Notes on the holographic Lifshitz theory Chanyong Park arXiv:1305.6690 CQUeST-2013-0611
 70 Dark aspects of massive spinor electrodynamics Junhyung Kim, Seyen Kouwn, Phillial Oh, Chan-Gyung Park arXiv:1305.4438 CQUeST-2013-0610
  69 Composite particle hydrodynamics from dyonic black branes Kyung Kiu Kim, Nakwoo Kim, Yun-Long Zhang arXiv:1307.0428 CQUeST-2013-0608
  68 Quasi-Local Conserved Charges in Covariant Theory of Gravity Wontae Kim, Shailesh Kulkarni, Sang-Heon Yi arXiv:1306.2138 CQUeST-2013-0604
 67 Higher Spin Contributions to Holographic Fluid Dynamics in AdS5/CFT4 Seungjin Lee, Dimitri Polyakov arXiv:1304.0898 CQUeST-2013-0603
 66 Superconformal Index and 3d-3d Correspondence for Mapping Cylinder/Torus Dongmin Gang, Eunkyung Koh, Sangmin Lee, Jaemo Park arXiv:1305.0937 CQUeST-2013-0600
 65 Entropy and temperatures of Nariai black hole Myungseok Eune, Wontae Kim arXiv:1211.2048 CQUeST-2013-0595
 64 Worldsheet one-loop energy correction to IIA Giant Magnon Xiaojian Bai, Bum-Hoon Lee, I.Y. Park arXiv:1303.2743 CQUeST-2013-0590
 63 An alternative IIB embedding of F(4) gauged supergravity Jaehoon Jeong, Ozgur Kelekci, Eoin O Colgain arXiv:1302.2105 CQUeST-2013-0583
 62 Anisotropic extension of the Brans-Dicke gravity Taeyoon Moon, Phillial Oh arXiv:1302.3061 CQUeST-2013-0587
 61 Factorization of the 3d superconformal index Chiung Hwang, Hee-Cheol Kim, Jaemo Park arXiv:1211.6023 CQUeST-2013-0585
 60 Massive logarithmic graviton in the critical generalized massive gravity Yong-Wan Kim, Yun Soo Myung, Young-Jai Park arXiv:1301.3604 CQUeST-2013-0581
 59 Dark spinor model with torsion and cosmology Seyen Kouwn, Joohan Lee, Tae Hoon Lee, Phillial Oh arXiv:1211.2981 CQUeST-2013-0579
 58 Instantons on the 5-sphere and M5-branes Hee-Cheol Kim, Joonho Kim, Seok Kim arXiv:1211.0144 CQUeST-2012-0568
 57 Irregular conformal block and its matrix model Chaiho Rim arXiv:1210.7925 CQUeST-2012-0565
 56 Membrane paradigm in the Einstein-dilaton theory Chanyong Park arXiv:1209.0842 CQUeST-2012-0552
 55 Superconformal Yang-Mills quantum mechanics and Calogero model with OSp(N|2,R) symmetry Neil B. Copland, Sung Moon Ko, Jeong-Hyuck Park arXiv:1205.3869 CQUeST-2012-0544
 54 The gravity duals of SO/USp superconformal quivers Takahiro Nishinaka arXiv:1202.6613 CQUeST-2012-0533
 53 Worldsheet S-matrix of beta-deformed SYM Changrim Ahn, Minkyoo Kim, Bum-Hoon Lee arXiv:1211.4506 CQUeST-2012-0531
 52 Approximate strange metallic behavior in AdS Shesansu Sekhar Pal arXiv:1202.3555 CQUeST-2012-0530
 51 Vortices and 3 dimensional dualities Hee-Cheol Kim, Jungmin Kim, Seok Kim, Kanghoon Lee arXiv:1204.3895 CQUeST-2012-0529
 50 Dark energy with logarithmic cosmological fluid Seyen Kouwn, Phillial Oh arXiv:1201.4544 CQUeST-2012-0504
 49 Nucleation and evolution of false vacuum bubbles in scalar-tensor gravity Bum-Hoon Lee, Dong-han Yeom arXiv:1111.0139 CQUeST-2011-0492
 48 Analytic Approaches to An-Isotropic Holographic Superfluids Pallab Basu, Jae-Hyuk Oh arXiv:1109.4592 CQUeST-2011-0480
 47 Annulus amplitude of FZZT branes revisited Jae-Hyuk Oh, Jaemo Park, Chaiho Rim arXiv:1109.5465 CQUeST-2011-0478
 46 Observations of annual modulation in direct detection of relic particles and light neutralinos P. Belli, R. Bernabei, A. Bottino, F. Cappella, R. Cerulli, N. Fornengo, S. Scopel arXiv:1106.4667 CQUeST-2011-0477
 45 Search at the CERN LHC for a light neutralino of cosmological interest Suyong Choi, S. Scopel, N. Fornengo, A. Bottino arXiv:1108.2190 CQUeST-2011-0476
 44 Critical gravity in the Chern-Simons modified gravity Taeyoon Moon, Yun Soo Myung arXiv:1108.2612 CQUeST-2011-0468
 43 Instanton Partons in 5-dim SU(N) Gauge Theory Stefano Bolognesi, Kimyeong Lee arXiv:1106.3664 CQUeST-2011-0465
 42 ABCD of 3d ${\cal N}=8$ and 4 Superconformal Field Theories Dongmin Gang, Eunkyung Koh, Kimyeong Lee, Jaemo Park arXiv:1108.3647 CQUeST-2011-0463
 41 Holographic meson mass in asymmetric dense matter Youngman Kim, Yunseok Seo, Ik Jae Shin, Sang-Jin Sin arXiv:1108.2751 CQUeST-2011-0462
 40 Rotating Black Hole Thermodynamics with a Particle Probe Bogeun Gwak, Hyeong-Chan Kim, Bum-hoon Lee, Wonwoo Lee arXiv:1106.1483 CQUeST-2011-0449
 39 Phases of a holographic QCD with gluon condensation at finite Temperature and Density Bogeun Gwak, Minkyoo Kim, Bum-Hoon Lee, Yunseok Seo, Sang-Jin Sin arXiv:1105.2872 CQUeST-2011-0440
 38 Finite size effect on the magnon's correlation functions Bum-Hoon Lee, Chanyong Park arXiv:1105.3279 CQUeST-2011-0439
 37 The mu-problem and axion in gauge mediation Kiwoon Choi, Eung Jin Chun, Hyung Do Kim, Wan Il Park, Chang Sub Shin arXiv:1102.2900 CQUeST-2011-0429
 36 Framed BPS States, Moduli Dynamics, and Wall-Crossing Sungjay Lee, Piljin Yi arXiv:1102.1729 CQUeST-2011-0425
 35 Yang-Mills Instantons from Gravitational Instantons John J. Oh, Chanyong Park, Hyun Seok Yang arXiv:1101.1357 CQUeST-2011-0412
 34 Quantization of horizon areas of the Kerr black hole Yongjoon Kwon, Soonkeon Nam arXiv:1006.4713 CQUeST-2010-0390
 33 Note on nonsingular cyclic universes in the deformed Horava-Lifshitz gravity Edwin J. Son, Wontae Kim arXiv:1007.5371 CQUeST-2010-0381
 32 Weak Gravity Conjecture, Central Charges and $\eta/s$ Shesansu Sekhar Pal arXiv:1003.0745 CQUeST-2010-0375
 31 Quantum finite-size effects for dyonic magnons in the AdS_4 x CP^3 Changrim Ahn, Minkyoo Kim, Bum-Hoon Lee arXiv:1007.1598 CQUeST-2010-0370
 30 Strange Metallic Behavior in Anisotropic Background Bum-Hoon Lee, Da-Wei Pang, Chanyong Park arXiv:1006.1719 CQUeST-2010-0369
 29 A Matrix Model for Baryons and Nuclear Forces Koji Hashimoto, Norihiro Iizuka, Piljin Yi arXiv:1003.4988 CQUeST-2010-0351
 28 Holographic Baryons Piljin Yi arXiv:0902.4515 CQUeST-2010-0342
 27 Light Higgs Scenario in BMSSM and LEP Precision Data Kyu Jung Bae, Radovan Dermisek, Doyoun Kim, Hyung Do Kim, Ji-Hun Kim arXiv:1001.0623 CQUeST-2010-0340
 26 Braided Statistics from Abelian Twist in kappa-Minkowski Spacetime Hyeong-Chan Kim, Youngone Lee, Chaiho Rim arXiv:0909.3364 CQUeST-2010-0339
 25 Thermal Aspects of ABJM theory: Currents and Condensations Dongsu Bak, Sangheon Yun arXiv:1001.4089 CQUeST-2010-0336
 24 Composite Fermion Metals from Dyon Black Holes and S-Duality Dongsu Bak, Soo-Jong Rey arXiv:0912.0939 CQUeST-2010-0329
 23 Holographic Superconductor for a Lifshitz fixed point Sang-Jin Sin, Shan-Shan Xu, Yang Zhou arXiv:0909.4857 CQUeST-2009-0319
 22 Holographic Experiments on Defects Matthias C. Wapler arXiv:0909.1698 CQUeST-2009-0313
 21 N = 2 supersymmetric sigma-models and duality Sergei M. Kuzenko arXiv:0910.5771 CQUeST-2009-0298
 20 Walls in supersymmetric massive nonlinear sigma model on complex quadric surface Masato Arai, Sunggeun Lee, Sunyoung Shin arXiv:0908.3713 CQUeST-2009-0287
 19 Enhanced N=8 Supersymmetry of ABJM Theory on R(8) and R(8)/Z(2) Andreas Gustavsson, Soo-Jong Rey arXiv:0906.3568 CQUeST-2009-0284
 18 A Holographic model for Non-Relativistic Superconductor Shi Pu, Sang-Jin Sin, Yang Zhou arXiv:0903.4185 CQUeST-2009-0278
 17 Vertex operator formulation of scattering around black-hole I.Y. Park arXiv:0906.2578 CQUeST-2009-0268
 16 A Note on Black Holes in Asymptotically Lifshitz Spacetime Da-Wei Pang arXiv:0905.2678 CQUeST-2009-0265
 15 Entropy of black holes in topologically massive gravity Yun Soo Myung, Hyung Won Lee,
Yong-Wan Kim
arXiv:0806.3794 CQUeST-2009-0260
 14 On the false vacuum bubble nucleation Bum-Hoon Lee, Chul H. Lee,
Wonwoo Lee, Chanyong Park
 13 Membrane Dynamics in Three Dimensional N=6 Supersymmetric Chern- Simons Theory Jong-Hyun Baek, Seungjoon Hyun,
Wooje Jang, Sang-Heon Yi
arXiv:0812.1772 CQUeST-2008-0214
 12 3-dimensional holographic trace anomaly from AdS/CFT correspondence Chong Oh Lee, Chaiho Rim hep-th/0805.2834 CQUeST-2008-0195
 11 Interacting scalar field theory in kappa-Minkowski spacetime Chaiho Rim hep-th/0802.3793 CQUeST-2008-0194
 10 Symmetric ordering effect on Casimir energy in kappa-Minkowski spacetime Hyeong-Chan Kim, Chaiho Rim,
Jae Hyung Yee
hep-th/0803.2333 CQUeST-2008-0193
 9 Thermodynamics of (2+1)-dimensional acoustic black hole based on the generalized uncertainty principle Wontae Kim, Edwin J. Son,
Myungseok Yoon
[gr-qc]0801.1439 CQUeST-2008-0183
 8 Holographic trace anomaly at finite temperature Bum-Hoon Lee, Siyoung Nam,
Chanyong Park
hep-th/0706.2715 CQUeST-2007-0166
 7 Graviton and spherical graviton potentials in plane-wave matrix model: Overview and perspective Kentaroh Yoshida, Hyeonjoon Shin hep-th/0511187 CQUeST-2007-0164
 6 Eavesdropping Attack with Hong-Ou-Mandel Interferometer and Random Basis Shuffling in Quantum Key Distribution Chil-Min Kim, Yun Jin Choi,
Young-Jai Park
quant-ph/0603013 CQUeST-2006-0045
 5 Cosmological Aspects of the D-brane World Inyong Cho, Eung Jin Chun,
Hang Bae Kim, Yoonbai Kim
hep-th/0607040 CQUeST-2006-0040
 4 Tests of Quantum Gravity via Generalized Uncertainty Principle Yumi Ko, Sunggeun Lee,
Soonkeon Nam
hep-th/0608016 CQUeST-2006-0038
 3 Living Near de Sitter Bubble Walls Jin-Ho Cho, Soonkeon Nam hep-th/0607098 CQUeST-2006-0033
 2 The Nothing at the Beginning of the Universe Made Precise Yu Nakayama, Soo-Jong Rey,
Yuji Sugawara
hep-th/0606127 CQUeST-2006-0028
 1 Log canonical thresholds of the pair: the Grassmannian variety and the Chow form Yong-Nam Lee   CQUeST-2005-0003
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