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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2012-12-07
제목 Internal mini-workshop and Christmas party (14 Dec. 2012)
Dear CQUeST members,

This is an announcement of an internal mini-workshop and Christmas party
to be held on 14th December (Fri.) at RA406.

In the evening 14th Dec. we are planning a Christmas party.

CQUeST happily invites you (Research Fellows, Graduate Students and
Professors) to the party. We also cordially request all the
participants to the party to bring a present which should cost less than 10,000 won.


1. 15:00-15:15 Shailesh Kulkarni (`Noether current, virasoro algebra and black hole entropy')
2. 15:15-15:30 Yongjoon Kwon (`Extremal black holes and holographic c-theorem')
3. 15:30-15:45 Shigenori Seki (`Chiral symmetry and holographic QCD')
4. 15:45-16:00 Wonwoo Lee (`National holidays of Korea')

30 Minute Break

5. 16:30-16:45 Taeyoon Moon (`Massive gravity -a brief history')
6. 16:45-17:00 Jaehoon Jeong (`Noncritical gravity')
7. 17:00-17:15 DongHan Yum (`Two opinions on the arrow of time')
8. 17:15-17:30 Bourgine Jean-Emile (`Wine')
9. 17:30-17:40 Raju Roychowdhury ('Glimpses of Korea : A candid memorandum')

6:00- Christmas Party (Da-San Hall, 1st floor (Student restaurant))


With best wishes,
Center for Quantum Spacetime

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