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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2014-03-25
제목 The 48th Workshop on Gravitation and Numerical Relativity

The 48th Workshop on Gravitation and Numerical Relativity


- Date: May 16(Fri) – 17(Sat), 2014

- Place: APCTP Seoul Brance Office

- Sponsored by APCTP and KISTI

- Homepage : https://www.apctp.org/plan.php/2014-48-GNR

- Local organizers:

Gungwon Kang (KISTI), Kyoung Yee Kim (Inje), Sang Pyo Kim (KNU), Sung-Won Kim (Ewha), Hyeong-Chan Kim (KNUT), Hee Il Kim (SNU), John. J. Oh (NIMS), Wonwoo Lee (CQUeST, Sogang), Chang-Hwan Lee (PNU), Hyung Mok Lee (SNU), Hyung Won Lee (Inje), Inyong Cho (SeoulTech)

We are happy to announce the 1st meeting of Topical Research Program supported by APCTP and KISTI on "Computational approaches in Gravitation and Astrophysics" which will be held at APCTP, Seoul from May 16 (Fri) to May 17 (Sat), 2014. This program mainly cover the current issues as well as individual researches on gravitation and numerical relativity including astrophysics and cosmology. One of the purposes of this program is to present an opportunity for young graduate students to share and exchange their research ideas with senior professors. One of topics is about “BICEP2 results and its Implication on Cosmology”. We welcome your participation.

- Invited Speakers

Yong-Seon Song (KASI), "Gravitation wave probes using BICEP2"

Seokcheon Lee  (KIAS), "BICEP2 results & its Implication on Inflation models and Cosmology"
Seongchan Park (Sungkyunkwan Univ.),  "Higgs inflation still alive?"
John J. Oh (NIMS), "A Direct Detection of Gravitational-Waves in the LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA Laser Interferometer Observatory and the impact of BICEP2 Results"
Sang Pyo Kim (KNU), "Can we simulate quantum universe in laboratory?"

- Contact:  Wonwoo Lee (wlee29@gmail.com, warrior@sogang.ac.kr)


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