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작성자 관리자 날짜 2007-10-11
제목 APCTP/CQUeST String Theory Workshop

APTCP/CQUeST String Theory Workshop

Oct 19(Fri.) -20(Sat.), 2007


The Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics/CQUeST announce the APTCP/CQUeST String Theory Workshop to be held on Oct 19 - 20, 2007 at Jeju, KOREA.

Organizing Committee


Dongsu Bak (Univ. of Seoul), Sangnam Park(Univ. of Seoul)




List of Talks


1. Confronting D3/D7 brane inflation with reality

Marco Zagermann

2. S matrix for the QCD spin chain

Changrim Ahn

3. BR-scaling in AdS/QCD

Sang-Jin Sin

4. Physics of Black Holes in High Energy Collision

Seong-Chan Park

5. Unruh effect and Thermalization in QCD

Sang-Pyo Kim

6. CFT SL(2)/U(1)

Chaiho Rim

7. TBA

KImyeong Lee

8. Anormaly analysis of Hawking radiation

Hyeonjoon Shin

9. Energent Gravity from noncommutative field theory

Hyun Seok Yang

10. Noncommutative Semiclassical Cosmology

Wontae Kim

11. Massless Tachyons

Yoonbai Kim

12. Two dimensional gravity with a R*R term

Sang Heon Yi

13. Monster Moonshine symmetry and 3d quantum black hole entropy

Soo-Jong Rey

14. Entropy function approach for Nariai

Jin-Ho Cho

15. Tunnelling in QFT

Hyunsoo Min

16. Geometric Properties of Extraordinary Stationary Vacuum Black String Solution

Jungjai Lee

17. Prepotentials in toric Ads4 compactification

Sungjay Lee

18. Higgs Structures of dyonic instantons

Kyung Kiu Kim

19. Q lump and SUSY algebra

Pillial Oh

20. TBA

Chanju Kim

21. Noncommutative Black Holes


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