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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2015-04-14
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제목 [PHYS-JOBS-KOREA] from KIAS; Tokyo 1923 and Strasbourg
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When I was in the French city of Strasbourg, I went to the main
Jewish Synagogue to see how Jewish folks live there. When I was
there, the place was empty, and there was nothing special. I would
like to invite you to


for the place. You will see a big Jewish building. You will also
see the tri-color French flag raised in front of the building. I
then spotted two French police officers passing by on their bicycles.
Here is my photo with them.


I asked them why there is a tricolor flag in front of this building.
They said they don't know. I asked them whether it was a national
holiday in France. They said No. I also asked them whether they
are patrolling in that area because of this Jewish center. They
said again No. They were kind enough to pose with me.

I of course knew the reason why there was the French national flag.
Needless to say, it is a guard against possible anti-Semitism in
France. I will talk more about this aspect next time. The question
is why in Stasbourgh? Like to know where this city is? Go to


People in that area are extremely friendly, and ladies never say No
when I propose photos with them. I was fortunate enough to meet
Korean students studying in Germany who came there for the weekend.
My photo with them is included in this webpage.

I will continue this story next time. In order to understand Jewish
problems, I have a habit of talking about Korean problems first.
Let us talk about Korean residents in Japan in 1923.

By 1900 AD, Japan was an industrialized country. Many Koreans went
there formally or informally to work in their factories, retail
stores, and at construction sites.

Alas in 1923, there was a giant earthquake in Tokyo known as "Great
Kanto Earthquake," flattening the entire city of Tokyo. The quake
also destroyed their underground water pipes system. If Japanese
were to blame anyone, God is the only one to be blamed. The sane
logic could be that they were getting punishments from God.

Japanese instead decided to blame Korean workers, and started
lynching them. How about Japanese police? While their duty was
to prevent Japanese mobs killing from un-armed people, those armed
police officers joined the Japanese mobs committing atrocities.
About 6000 Koreans were murdered by Japanese mobs and police men.
Here is a photo of two Japanese men (one in police uniform)
murdering two Korean workers.


People have a tendency to blame others if disasters hit them. When
I was a student, I used to get high exam scores. while there were
many who got disappointing results. They got the lower scores
because they did not study hard enough. However, I used to get all
the blames for their unhappiness. Yet, they did not murder me.

In history, Jews were persecuted for many different reasons. You
now found out one of the reasons. I will talk about a specific
case next time.

Y.S.Kim (2015.4.13)

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