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ۼ ¥ 2007-10-30
The International Workshop on Mathematical Science(2~6 Nov)






November 2-6, 2007

Seoul National University














Chair : Yongjin Song (Inha University)

Akira Kono (Kyoto University)

Bum-Hoon Lee (Sogang University)

Norio Iwase (Kyushu University)

Jianzhong Pan (Chinese Academy of Science)




 It is our great honor and pleasure to host the first East Asian Conference on Algebraic Topology held at Seoul National University, 2-6 November, 2007. This conference EACAT is officially organized by Korean Mathematical Society. This conference was being held annually between Japan and Korea for years. Last year the conference, called China-Japan-Korea Conference on Algebraic Topology, was held at Henan University of China. Last year at China we decided to extend this conference to East Asia including Singapore, Vietnam and Taiwan in the year 2007. The organizing committee has invited 35 speakers this year. This conference is supported by Korea Research Foundation (KRF), Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST), Brain Korea 21 of Seoul National University, Center for quantum space time and Research Institute for Mathematical sciences at Sogang University.





Jon BERRICK (National University of Singapore)

Yang Hyun BYUN (Hanyang University) 

Jae Choon CHA (Pohang University of Science and Technology) 

Cheol-Hyun CHO (Seoul National University)

Bo CHEN (Fudan University)

Haibao DUAN (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Fedor DUZHIN (Nanyang Technology University)

Le Minh Ha (Vietnam National University)

Kenshi ISHIGURO (Fukuoka University)

Norio IWASE (Kyushu University)

Jang Hyun JO (Korea institute of Advanced Studies)

Jae Ryong KIM (Kookmin University)

Seung Won KIM (Korea institute of Advanced Studies)

Daisuke KISHIMOTO (Kyoto University)

Toshitake KOHNO (University of Tokyo)

Akira KONO (Kyoto University)

Katsuhiko KURIBAYASHI (Shinshu University)

Kee Young LEE (Korea University)

Jong Bum LEE (Sogang University)

Jingyan LI (Shijiazhuang Railway Institute)

Zhi LU (Fudan University)

Takashi MATSUOKA (Naruto University of Education)

Mamoru MIMURA (Okayama University)

Kaoru MORISUGI (Wakayama University)

Vo Thi Nhu Quynh (Vietnam National University)

Yang SU (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Dong Youp SUH (Korea Advanced Institute of Sciencesand Technology)

Nguyen Sum (University of Quynhon)

Dai TAMAKI (Shinshu University)

Vo Thanh Tung (Hue University)

Yanying WANG (Hebei Normal University)

Jie WU (National University of Singapore)

Eugene Z. XIA (National Cheng Kung University)

Ki Heon YUN (Seoul National University)

Xuezhi ZHAO (Capital Normal University)

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