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작성자 관리자 날짜 2007-12-26
제목 Quantum Field Theory and Mathematical Physics(Jan 6, 2008 - Jan 15, 2008)

Quantum Field Theory and

Mathematical Physics


Jan 6, 2008 — Jan 15, 2008

Postech (Pohang, Korea)



Research Areas

  • Functional determinants and effective actions
  • Gap equations in Gross-Neveu/NJL models
  • Casimir energy and forces
  • Finite temperature quantum field theory
  • Gravitational processes and curved space quantum field theory

Program (tentative)

Jan 6 Opening

Jan 7
9:00 E.Weinberg Vacuum tunneling in de Sitter space
10:30 Jin Hur Effective Action for Radial Backgrounds
4:00 K.Lee Janus Field Theory

Jan 8
9:00 S.Kuzenko Harmonic supergraphs and their application(1)
10:30 M.Thies Recent progress on the phase diagram of Gross-Neveu? models
4:00 C.Schubert Present status of the worldline formalism in flat and curved space

Jan 9
9:00 A.Wipf Spectral sums for the Dirac operator and Polyakov loops
10:30 G.Dunne Inhomogeneous gap equations
4:00 B.Lee Tunneling in gravitational theories

Jan 10
9:00 J.Feinberg Calogero models and random matrix theory
10:30 A.Das Thermal operator representation for finite temperature Feynman graphs
4:00 K.Kirsten Zeta functions everywhere

Jan 11
9:00 M.Fry Mass zeros in the effective action of QED4
10:30 C.Schubert Present status of the worldline formalism in flat and curved space(2)
3:00 Y.Kim BPS limit in a theory without supersymmetry and moduli space dynamics of D(F)-strings
4:00 C.Rim Casimir energy in kappa-Minkowski spacetime

9:00 H.Min False vacuum decay:Numerical and analytical results
10:30 S.Kuzenko Harmonic supergraphs and their application(2)
3:00 K.Kim Dyonic instanton solution
4:00 C.Kim TBA

Jan 15 Closing

How to get to Postech

  • Flights to Pohang leave from Seoul's main domestic airport, Gimpo/Kimpo http://gimpo.airport.co.kr/eng/index.jsp, but international flights arrive and depart from Incheon International Airport http://www.airport.or.kr/eng/airport/. The flight from Seoul to Pohang takes about one hour.
  • For those people transferring directly from an international flight arriving at Seoul's Incheon International airport: transfer to Gimpo/Kimpo Airport by airport-bus. It takes about 30-40 minutes, costs ₩6,000 (currently approx $US 6), and buses leave at 10-20 minute intervals from Incheon. For domestic flights, the airlines collect ₩4,000 from international ticket holders for the Airport Fee. So, it is better for you to change foreign currency at Incheon International Airport before taking the shuttle bus to the domestic terminal at Gimpo Airport.
  • Information on buses can be found at the Transportation Information Counter (near exits 2, 4, 9, and 13) on the arrival floor (1st floor) of passenger terminal. The shuttle bus leaves from exits 3A and 13B or 9B:
  • For those people arriving in Seoul on Saturday Jan 5th, see the directions below ("How to get to Downtown Metro Hotel")
  • On arrival at Pohang airport, take a taxi to Postech. There should be groups of workshop participants arriving on the same flights. If in doubt, show the taxi driver this message: img/wiki_up/postech-taxi.jpg, asking to take you to the Hogil Kim Memorial Building at Postech.
  • For a detailed description of directions to Postech see http://www.apctp.org/english/html/visit_4.php
  • For information about the Postech campus see http://www.apctp.org/english/html/visit_6.php

Gyeongju (City of Culture)
Website for tour in Gyeongyu http://www.gyeongju.go.kr/eng/main/index.asp

How to get to Downtown Seoul (Metro Hotel)

  • Take a bus (KAL-Limousine) at the point 4B, 11A
  • Drop at the second stop (Seoul Lotte Hotel) after almost 1 hour and 40 minitues driving: First stop is the Plaza hotel in front of City Hall and the second stop is just after the corner. Seoul Lotte Hotel is a landmark that anyone will be able to guide you to if you get lost somehow.
  • Go down to the subway station (Eljiro 1-ga) and get out through upstairs (Number 5/6 ). The Metro hotel is behind the building Kepco (Korean Electric Power Corporation).
  • Map for the Metro Hotel (written in Korean but spots of the two hotels(Lotte and Metro) are marked in English: img/wiki_up/map.png

From Hotel to Gimpo Airport

  • The best way is the subway. Take green line(Number2) in the nearest station(Euljiro 1-ga) in the direction of City Hall.
  • Drop the train on the second stop (Chungjeongno) and change the train on the line 5 (purple) in the direction to Gimpo Airport. 19th stop is the Airport.(you are moving from 531 to 512)
  • If this looks complicate just grap a taxi from the hotel.


  • Gerald Dunne (University of Connecticut)
  • Choonkyu Lee (Seoul National University)
  • Kimyeong Lee (KIAS)
  • Hyunsoo Min (University of Seoul)


  • A. Das (Rochester)
  • G. Dunne (UConn)
  • J. Feinberg (Technion/Haifa)
  • M. Fry (Trinity College)
  • Jin Hur (KIAS)
  • K. Kirsten (Baylor)
  • S. Kuzenko (UWA, Perth)
  • Bumhoon Lee (Sogang)
  • Choonkyu Lee (SNU)
  • Kimyeong Lee (KIAS)
  • Chanju Kim (Ehwa)
  • Kyung Kieu Kim (KIAS)
  • Yoonbai Kim (Sung Kyun Kwan)
  • Hyunsoo Min (Seoul)
  • Chaiho Rim (Chonbuk)
  • C. Schubert (Michoacan)
  • M. Thies (Erlangen)
  • E. Weinberg (Columbia)
  • A. Wipf (Jena)
  • Sangmo Chon (SNU)
  • Minyoung Choi (SNU)

Workshop Format

  • This workshop brings together theoretical and mathematical physicists working in mathematical aspects of quantum field theory. The format is designed to encourage close interaction, collaboration and discussion, with informal talks on current open problems and research projects.


  • Please register to show your interest in participating in this workshop. Click on "register", immediately below the login box in the top left corner of the main page.

Sponsor : APCTP and CQUeST

  • Focus Program of the APCTP (Asia-Pacific Centre for Theoretical Physics) supports this workshop
  • Focus Programs are modeled on the programs at the Newton Institute in Cambridge (UK). The purpose is to build and foster worldwide small and medium size research groups.
  • CQUEST also supports this workshop.

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