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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2018-03-30
이메일 cquest@sogang.ac.kr
제목 [한국물리학회] IUPAP (국제물리 및 응용물리 연맹) 학회 지원 프로그램

[한국물리학회 : 천체물리분과] IUPAP (국제물리 및 응용물리 연맹) 학회 지원 프로그램




김성원 교수님께서 IUPAP (국제물리 및 응용물리 연맹) 학회 지원 프로그램에 대한 안내를 알려주셨습니다. 내년도 국제학술대회를 조직하시려는 분들께서 관심을 가지실 수 있을 안내입니다. 자세한 안내문 아래에 보내드립니다.



곽규진 드림




Dear IUPAP Commission Chair

 Greetings from Rudzani in Cape Town!


 Please kindly receive this as a friendly reminder that the 1st of June 2018 is the due date for the
 submission of IUPAP sponsorship application forms for conferences that will be held  anytime  in
 2019 (i.e. anytime between 1 January and 31 December 2019). Please make sure that the conference
 organizers in your respective commissions are aware of both the deadline (of 1 June 2018) and the
 conference sponsorship rules and guidelines which are accessible on the IUPAP weblink:

 Please do kindly remind the potential applicants and/or conference organizers to submit online
 applications (on or) before 1 June 2018 deadline.


 You are also kindly requested, in your capacity as the commission chair, to facilitate online
 completion and submission of mandatory IUPAP conference reports for all 2017 Conferences (and those
 already held in 2018)  that were sponsored or supported (by IUPAP) under your commission. The
 conference report form can be accessed on the following IUPAP weblink: 

 Please kindly note that without this report it is not possible for the IUPAP Council to reliably
 asses the successes or shortcomings of the sponsored conference event, and even more difficult to
 recommend future support in the case of conference series.

 Please do impress upon all your conference organizers that when completing the conference report,
 special attention should be paid to the actual number of attendees, number of women who have
 participated, and the number of women who have given invited papers at the conference.

 Your anticipated co-operation is fully appreciated in advance.

 With kindest regards

 Rudzani Nemutudi (IUPAP Associate Secretary General)
 iThemba LABS
 Cape Town
 South Africa
 Tel: +27(0)21 843 1348
 Mobile: +27(0)82 058 5517
 E_Mail: rudzi@tlabs.ac.za

              | Dr Rudzani Nemutudi         |
                   | Deputy Director |
 | iThemba LABS           |
                   | Old Faure Road, Faure       |
                   | Cape, 7131' South Africa    |              
                   | Tel: +27(0)21 843 1348   |
                   | E_Mail: rudzi@tlabs.ac.za |

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