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작성자 관리자 날짜 2007-11-19
제목 [KIAS] Glueball Decay in Holographic QCD
Speaker: Seiji Terashima (YITP)

Title: Glueball Decay in Holographic QCD

Date & Time:  Nov. 20 (Tue.), 2:00 pm

Place: Rm. 1423 (KIAS)

Abstract: Using holographic QCD based on D4-branes and D8-anti-D8-branes,
we have computed couplings of glueballs to light mesons.
We describe glueball decay by explicitly calculating its decay widths
and branching ratios. Interestingly, while glueballs remain
less well understood both theoretically and experimentally,
our results are found to be consistent with the experimental data
for the scalar glueball candidate f_0(1500).
More generally, holographic QCD predicts that decay of any glueball
to 4 $pi_0$ is surpressed, and that mixing of the lightest glueball
with $qbar{q}$ mesons is small.

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