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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2015-05-08
제목 [EWU] Kip Thorne 교수 이대특강 및 KIAS 대중강연 (5월21일)
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일시2015 5 21() 오후 2-4
장소: 이화여자대학교 ECC 극장 (ECC 지하4)
제목: Geometrodynamics:  The Nonlinear Dynamics of Curved Spacetime

A black hole is a gravitational "soliton": an object made from spacetime curvature,
with the curvature produced by the curvature's own energy---a remarkable, nonlinear
phenomenon.  We have known this for several decades.  However, we have not understood
how spacetime curvature behaves when, not only is it nonlinearly strong, but it is also
highly dynamical:  the dynamics of spacetime geometry, or "Geometrodynamics".

In this lecture, Thorne will describe what we have learned about Geometrodynamics in recent
years, much of it via numerical simulations on computers.  The discoveries include, among other
things, vortexes of twisting space that interact with each other in surprising ways, and
chaotic and shock-wave behaviors of spacetime curvature near singularities inside black holes
(which play a role in the recent science fiction movie Interstellar).  Thorne will also describe
the prospects to test Geometrodynamics via observations of gravitational
waves from colliding, spinning black holes.
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교수 Open KIAS 대중 강연 >>
일시2015 5 21() 오후 7
장소 : 고등과학원 1호관 1층 대강당
제목 : The Science of Interstellar
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