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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2015-06-05
제목 2015 International School on Numerical Relativity and Gravitational Waves

2015 International School on

Numerical Relativity and Gravitational Waves

July 26~31, 2015 at KISTI & KAIST, Daejeon in Korea



Dear colleagues,


We are very happy to announce "2015 International School on Numerical Relativity and Gravitational Waves" to be held during July 26-31, 2015 at KAIST, Daejeon in Korea.


Within the next 5 years, the first detection of gravitational waves is expected directly by ground-based interferometers such as LIGO, Virgo and KAGRA. This will not only be a major scientific discovery in gravitation, but also allow us to open up a new frontier of one of the most unexplored sciences, gravitational wave astronomy, by providing a new window into the universe.


The main goal of this school is to provide students, early career post-docs and researchers with an opportunity to learn and discuss the basics of numerical relativity and gravitational waves, NR simulations, fundamentals of gravitational wave data analysis, and the current status and prospects in these fields.



The details about the school including invited lecturers can be found on the web page (i.e., https://www.apctp.org/plan.php/NRGW2015). The deadline for registration is June 30, 2015.


We would be very grateful if you distribute this circular to people around you and encourage students and colleagues to attend the school. Thank you very much in advance!

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