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작성자 관리자 날짜 2008-04-22
제목 Finite-size technology in low dimensional quantum system (IV),June 25(Wed.)-July

Focus Program

Finite-size Technology in Low Dimensional

Quantum System (IV)

June 25 - July 15, 2008 APCTP (Pohang, Korea)

The foucus program on Finite-size Technology in Low Dimensional Quantum System (IV) is going to be held from 25 June - 15 July (3 weeks), 2008 in Pohang, Korea. This is the continuing program of the first meeting in December 4-17, 2003 (Pohang), the second in June 25 - July 15, 2005 (Pohang) and the third in 8 January - 8 February, 2007 (Melbourne). During the program the participants are expected to very actively participate in the collaborative research activies.


Developing of finite-size technology in low dimensional quantum system and probing of the scaling Behavior using quantum mechanics, field theory and lattice statistical approach which include conformal theory, boundary conformal theory, integrable theory, boundary integrable theory.

Core organizers

  • Chaiho Rim (Chonbuk National University, Korea) email: rim at mail.chonbuk.ac.kr
  • Paul Pearce (Melbourne University, Austrailia) email: P.Pearce at ms.unimelb.edu.au
  • Giuseppe Mussardo (SISSA, Italy) email: mussardo at sissa.it

Confirmed Participants

  • Changrim Ahn (Ewha, Korea) (24 June -15 July )
    title: Boundary Integrability in AdS/CFT correspondence
  • Zoltan Bajnok (Eotvos, Hungary) (24 June-15 July)
    title: Finite size effects in defect systems
  • Janos Balog (Bupdapest) (25 June - 15 July)
    title: O(n) sigma models and Symanzik theory of lattice artifacts
  • Plamen Bozhilov (INRNE, Bulgaria) (24 June -15 July )
    title: Integrable systems arising from membranes on AdS_4 x S^7
  • Gesualdo Delfino (SISSA, Italy) (2 July - 15 July)
    title : Operator space in critical and off-critical two-dimensional QFT.
  • Patrick Dorey (Durham, UK) (26 June - 15 July)
    title: Yet confirmed
  • Clare Dunning (Kent, UK) (24 June-15 July )
    title: Spectral equivalences in bosonic Hamiltonians.
  • Giovanni Feverati (Annecy, France) (25 June 15 July )
    title: Physical combinatorics and Thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz.
  • Wenan Guo (Beijing Normal University, China)) (24 June - 16 July).
    title: Tricritical O(n) Models in Two Dimensions
  • Chanju Kim (Ewha, Korea) (30 June - 15 July)
  • Tommaso Macri (SISSA, Italy) (29 June - 13 July)
  • Giuseppe Mussardo (SISSA, Italy) (29 June - 12 July)
    title: Yet confirmed
  • Rafael Nepomechie (Miami, USA) (June 25- July 13)
    title: Integrable bulk and boundary scattering in string/gauge theory
  • Laszlo Palla (Eotvos, Hungary) (24 June-15 July )
    title: Yet confirmed
  • Paul Pearce (Melbourne, Australia) (24 June -15 July)
    title: Virasoro and Extended Fusion Rules for Polymers and Percolation
  • Francesco Ravanini (Bologna, Italy) (24 June- 15 July )
    title: Yet confirmed
  • Chaiho Rim (Chonbuk, Korea) (24 June -15 July)
    title: integrability and spacetime non-commutativity
  • Vladimir Rittenberg (Bonn, Germany) (24 June - 15 July)
    title: Directed abelian algebras and their applications to stochastic processes
  • Junji Suzuki (Shizuoka, Japan) (29 June- 3 July)
    title: Factorization of the finite temperature correlation functions
  • Zengo Tsuboi (Okayama, Japan) (24 June -15 July )
    title: Baxter's Q-operators for supersymmetric integrable spin chains
  • Roberto Tateo (Torino, Italy) (29 June - 6 July)
    title : ODEs and boundary CFTs
  • Gabor Takacs (Eotvos, Hungary) (24 June- 8 July)
    title: Form factors in finite volume and finite temperature correlators
  • Xin Wan (APCTP, Korea)
    title: Ising CFT in fractional quantum Hall effect and its application to topological quantum computing

This program is supported by APCTP, CQUeST and KOSEF (Joint Research Project under the KOSEF-HAS Cooperative Program).




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