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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2017-07-12
제목 [APCTP] Tensor Network States

Dear Colleagues and interested audience,


 It is our pleasure to announce an APCTP focus research program of “Tensor Network States”.

The schedule of this program is from Aug. 28 to Aug. 31, 2017 and it will be held in Seoul, Korea.


Recently, the tensor network states has become one of the new viewpoints on the many-body quantum states.  The research on the tensor network states is fast evolving and encompassing scientific area more than expected.


Our aim of the program is to enlarge the interest and review the recently developments in the tensor networks states. Therefore, our organization of the program is mainly focused on the tutorials given by some prominent speakers on this issue.


Especially, we strongly recommend students and postdocs to participate who is willing to learn the topic.


We are looking forward to seeing you in the program and discussing “ANYTHING” you want or need.


Sincerely Yours,

Program organizers


Myung-Hoon Chung (mhchung@hongik.ac.kr)

Ji-Woo Lee (jwlee@mju.ac.kr)


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