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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2017-07-24
제목 [APCTP] 15th International Conference on Squeezed States and Uncertainty Relatio




15th International Conference on Squeezed States and Uncertainty Relations


Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel, Jeju, Korea


 August 28 (Mon), 2017 ~ September 01 (Fri), 2017


 Coherent states and squeezed states

Uncertainty relations

Quantum superpositions

Entanglement and decoherence

Phase-space methods

Implementations of quantum computation and communication

Continuous variables and quantum-information processing with continuous variables

Twin photons, their sources, properties, and applications

Photon-number-resolving detectors, homodyne detection and other detection techniques

Atom and molecular optics with emphasis on non-classical behaviour

Cavity and circuit QED

Quantum memories and quantum gates

Quantum propagation

Quantum key distribution


 Howard M. Wiseman (Griffith University), Luis L. Sanchez-Soto (Complutense University of Madrid), Masanao Ozawa (Nagoya University), Valerio Scarani (Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore), Magdalena Stobinska (Polish Academy of Sciences, University of Gdańsk), Akira Shimizu (The University of Tokyo), Florian Fröwis (Université de Genève), Stefan Nimmrichter (National University of Singapore), Nicolas J. Cerf (Universite Libre de Bruxelles), Marek Zukowski (University of Gdańsk), Alfred Leitenstorfer (University of Konstanz), William J. Munro (NTT Basic Research Laboratories), Ulrik L. Andersen (Technical University of Denmark), Kyungwon An (Seoul National University), Ray-Kuang Lee (National Tsing Hua University), Ben Buchler (The Australian National University), Timothy C. Ralph (The University of Queensland), Wei-Min Zhang (National Cheng Kung University), Thomas Elliott (Nanyang Technological University), Mauro Paternostro (Queen's University Belfast), Heung-Sun Sim (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology), Young Suh Kim (University of Maryland), Julien Laurat (Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Université Pierre et Marie Curie), Matteo G. A. Paris (University of Milan), Myungshik Kim (Imperial College London), Radim Filip (Palacky University Olomouc), Hyunchul Nha (Texas A & M University at Qatar), Nicolas Sangouard (University of Basel), Qiongyi He (Peking University), Martin B. Plenio (Ulm University), Alberto M. Marino (The University of Oklahoma), Kihwan Kim (Tsinghua University)




For Inquiries on Abstract Submission : icssur2017@gamil.com


For Inquiries on Venue, Accommodation and others : secretariat@icssur2017.org


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