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작성자 관리자 날짜 2008-06-18
제목 2008 LHC Physics Workshop at Korea(19 ~ 21, August, 2008)


2008 LHC Physics Workshop at Korea
19 ~ 21, August, 2008
Konkuk Uuiv., Seoul, Korea


We are very glad to announce that APCTP 2008 LHC Physics Workshop at Korea will be held on 19-21, August, 2008, at Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea. Under the auspice of APCTP, one of the internationally recognized research agencies located in Asia, this workshop would serve as the launching pad for organizing the efforts of Korean high energy physicists to contribute to the scientific objectives of LHC.
As the completion of the LHC is approaching, the international experimental collaborations such as CMS and ALICE are preparing to perform one of the most desired and anticipated high energy physics experiments that can be foreseen within the forthcoming decades. The experiments at LHC are such a rare opportunity for the high energy communities around world, including Korea as well.
Recognizing the importance, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, former MOST, have organized the Korea-CERN cooperative program, established a Korean project for ALICE and another for CMS in parallel, and launched in April 2007 the Korea ALICE experiment team and the Korea CMS experiment team. Altogether, more than 30 physicists are involved in the two teams. The members of these two teams are now performing the experiments at CERN. Their primary activities will be without doubt involvement in the huge international collaborations and responsible participation in the LHC experiments.
This is not the first workshop held in Korea of its kind, but there have been several heralding workshops before. As recent as last December, Busan Particle physics Workshop, held on 13-15, December, 2007, at PNU, Pusan, Korea, has focused the LHC physics as one of its main topics. It was the joint activity with Korea-CERN theoretical physics workshop, organized by D. K. Hong (PNU), which has offered fruitful discussions mainly from the theoretical point of view.
In 2005, KIAS, Seoul and KNU, Daegu have jointly inaugurated a new workshop, the Korea Hadron Collider Workshop, initiated by D H Kim (KNU) and P Ko (KIAS), which has been mainly aimed for Korean high energy physicists, both experimental and phenomenological, to review Korean activities in the existing hadronic collider experiments and to prepare the forthcoming LHC experiments. Also, CHEP, at KNU, Daegu, has annually summer schools, which many times have dealt with LHC physics.
It is not our intention to swallow these workshops and merge them into a single workshop. Nevertheless, it is quite desirable to organize this kind of workshop within the aegis of an international agency, APCTP, to make it officially recognized and supported by the community both domestic and international at large. Also, through the proposed workshop it would be desirable to invite a number of key figures in the organizational body of CERN with liaison to Korea and to show them the Korean activities with regards to high energy experiments at LHC. The proposed workshop would serve as a platform for promoting the international relationship between Korean high energy communities and world leading organizations of the sort.
The workshop will be held on the first floor at the main entrance of the building entitled Educational/Industrial Complex Building (San-Hak-Hyeop-Dong-Gwan), Konkuk University, Seoul. The building is conveniently located near the south border of the campus that faces the overpass of Seoul Subway Line 2. See map.

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