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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2017-11-15
제목 [APCTP] 2017 FRP workshop for String Theory and Cosmology
APCTP Workshop



2017 FRP workshop for String Theory and Cosmology (2nd)


  APCTP Seoul office, Korea


  24th November, 2017


This FRP (focus research program) mini-workshop includes several seminars and lectures on various subjects of string theory and cosmology. We planed to have two mini-workshop in 2017.

As the first workshop, we had the workshops for classical/quantum gravity and cosmology on May 12. The main topic of the second workshop will be the current developments on string theory and the gauge/gravity duality, and related topics.


Inyong Cho (SeoulTech)

Bogeun Gwak (Sejong Univ.)

Hang Bae Kim (Hanyang Univ.)

Hyeong-Chan Kim (Korea National Univ. of Transportation)

Kyung Kiu Kim (Sejong Univ.)

O-Kab Kwon (Sungkyunkwan Univ.), Chair

Jungjai Lee (Daejin Univ.)  

Yun Soo Myung (Inje Univ.)

Soonkeon Nam (Kyung Hee Univ.)

Chanyong Park (APCTP)

Sang-Jin Sin (Hanyang Univ.)

Hyun Seok Yang (Sogang Univ.)



Chiung Hwang (KIAS)

Seungjoon Hyun (Yonsei Univ.)

Euihun Joung (Kyung Hee Univ.)

Kanghoon Lee (IBS/Seoul National Univ.)

Jeong-Hyuck Park (Sogang Univ.)

Sang-A Park (KIAS)

Yunseok Seo (Hanyang Univ.)

Hyeonjoon Shin (POSTECH/APCTP)

Sang-Jin Sin (Hanyang Univ.)

Hyun Seok Yang (Sogang Univ.)




Prof. O-Kab Kwon 


Prof. Kyung Kiu Kim



     (kipum.oh@apctp.org or sec@apctp.org)


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