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작성자 관리자 날짜 2008-06-26
제목 Chern-Simons theories for M2-branes at CQUeST(26-27 June, 2008)


Chern-Simons theories for M2-branes at CQUeST

Time: 26th June 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
         27th June 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Venue: RA406, Center for Quantum Spacetime, Sogang University

Topics: anything related to Chern-Simons theories for M2-branes

We are planning to have several, short and very informal talks per day which can be either review on related papers or on-going works of speakers.

The confirmed invited speakers, so far, include: 

Nakwoo Kim, Sangmin Lee, Seungjoon Hyun, Sangheon Yi, Corneliu Sochichiu, Jeong-Hyuck Park ...

Speakers/talks  on June 26th. 

1. Sagmin Lee: General overview II
2. Seungjoon Hyun: General overview I
3. Nakwoo Kim: Orbifold in C^4
4. Jeong-Hyuch Park: Single M5 to multiple M2
5. Sangheon Yi: Critical questions

Speakers/talks on June 27th.

1. Corneliu Sochichiu: Algebraic ideas behind multiple M2-brane models
2. Mu-In Park: Chern-Simons for gravity
3. Changhyun Ahn: Holographic supergravity dual to three-dimensional N=2
gauge theory

Speakers/talks on July 9th.

1. Sungjay Lee: three-dimensional N>= 4 superconformal theories
2. Shahin Sheikh Jabbari:
The Relaxed Three-Algebras: Their Matrix Representation and Implications for Multi M2-brane Theory

Speakers/talks on July 11th.

1. Shahin Sheikh Jabbari: Nearing Extremal Intersecting Giants and New  Decoupled Sectors in N=4 SYM

More slots are available for you.

Concrete formal will be decided only on the days.

Lunch coupon and parking ticket will be provided for early comers.

Organizers: Bum-Hoon Lee, Nakwoo Kim, Corneliu Sochichiu and Jeong-Hyuck Park


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