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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2018-09-04
이메일 cquest@sogang.ac.kr
제목 [SeoulTech] Analytic Gravitating Skyrmions and their flat limits

Date-Time: Sep 13 (Thu)  2:00 PM

Place: Eoeui-gwan 607, Seoultech, Gongreung-ro 232, Nowon-gu, Seoul  (서울과기대, 어의관 607호) 

Speaker: Prof. Fabrizio Canfora (CECs, Chile) 

Title: Analytic Gravitating Skyrmions and their flat limits

Abstract: In this talk, I will discuss the first analytic examples of gravitating Skyrmions (namely, exact solutions of the Einstein-Skyrme system in 3+1 dimensions with non-vanishing topological charge). The gravitational fields generated by these gravitating solitons have quite remarkable features which will be shortly described. Interestingly enough, using these gravitating Skyrmions it is possible to define a procedure which allows to construct the first analytic examples of Skyrmions living within a spatially bounded in flat space-times. As an application, the critical Isospin chemical potential beyond which the Skyrmions cannot exist anymore will be derived.

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