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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2018-09-14
제목 [APCTP] K-HEP Workshop (Korean High Energy Physics Workshop)

Dear Colleagues,

We plan to have Korean High Energy Physics (K-HEP) Workshop to promote research communications and collaborations between young students, researchers and post-doctors, especially in the research field of high energy physics, string theory, quantum gravity and cosmology.  The workshop aims at expanding our knowledge beyond the area that we are currently working on and at encouraging us to join in intensive discussions under low-pressure environments. For this reason, we arrange pedagogical and informal lectures at the level of graduate students and postdocs.


We would appreciate it if you circulate the announcement for this workshop to as many postdocs and PhDs as possible and encourage them to participate the workshop.


Venue: Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP), Pohang, Korea


Date:  October 7 (Sun) ~ October 12 (Fri), 2018



­Euclidean path integral approach and applications, Dong-han Yeom (APCTP)

Conformal Field Theory, Dong-min Gang (Seoul National Univ.)

BMS Group and Soft Theorem, Min-Seok Seo (Chung-Ang Univ.)

QFT on curved background, Miok Park (KIAS)

Bootstrap, Jason Rong (IBS)

2d Chiral Algebras and 4d N=2 SCFTs, Jaewon Song (KIAS)


Website: https://www.apctp.org/plan.php/K-HEP2018


Schedule: https://www.apctp.org/plan.php/K-HEP2018/2375


Registration: https://www.apctp.org/plan.php/K-HEP2018/2374

Attendance will be limited to around 25 people. There is no registration fee. And, all participants will be provided with accommodation. Applications are preferred to submit until 30 September, 2018.


Contact: khepworkshop@gmail.com


Miok Park (KIAS), Dong-han Yeom (APCTP)

on the behalf of organizers

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