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작성자 관리자 날짜 2008-11-06
제목 The 3rd Asian Winter School on String (Jan.7th~17th, 2009)

The third Asian Winter School on string theory is to be held in Beijing from Jan.7th to Jan. 17th 2009, hosted by Institute of Theoretical Physics. This is the third of a series of winter schools initiated by string theorists in China, Japan, Korea and India. The main content of lectures to be delivered at this school will cover AdS/CFT with application to quark-gluon plasma, string cosmology and physics of LHC. This school is co-sponsored by CNSF, ITP, APCTP, SOKENDAI. 

The registration is free of charge, and a number of PhD students and PD fellows from inside/outside of China can be supported for local expenses, upon recommendation of her/his supervisor-please ask your supervisor to send a email mentioning the name of the applicant to Prof. Miao Li ( mli@itp.ac.cn ).

The deadline for the registration is the 15th of November.

To registration, visit this site : http://www.itp.ac.cn/conference.php?cID=string08&ID=20

For more information, visit this site : http://www.itp.ac.cn/conference.php?cID=string08

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