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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2019-10-04
제목 [한국물리학회] Pioneer Symposium: Quantum chaos
Dear All,

We would like to invite you to the pioneer symposium in the KPS fall meeting in Gwangju.

The theme is "Quantum Chaos: common ground for black holes, quantum many-body systems, and quantum information"

The speakers are invited from the area of statistical physics, gravity, high energy theory, condensed matter theory, and atomic physics experiment.

We hope this pioneer symposium will be a good opportunity to "pioneer" towards a new physics principle behinds various phenomena.

2) [A11-pa] Quantum Chaos: common ground for black holes, quantum many-body systems, and quantum information

Time: 13:00 - 16:58, Wed., October 23, 2019

Room: 301

Recently, quantum chaos has emerged as an essential tool to understand black hole/quantum gravity, quantum many-body systems, and quantum information theory. This revived excitement on chaos becomes much more interesting thanks to the holographic principle: strongly correlated quantum many-body systems and certain classical gravities are two different pictures of the same underlying physics. For example, the Lyapunov exponent and butterfly velocity computed in a maximally chaotic condensed matter system, so-called the SYK model, can be understood by its dual gravity and black hole. Furthermore, quantum chaos armed with this dual picture began to shed light on long-standing fundamental questions on quantum thermalization/localization and quantum gravity. It is very remarkable that these different research fields are finding common ground, which also turned out to be very fruitful in the history of physics. We would like to introduce this novel activity in a timely manner and have a chance to boost multidisciplinary convergence collaborations.

KANG Byungmin (KIAS): "Introduction to Quantum Chaos from a Many-Body Perspective"

TEZUKA Masaki (Kyoto Univ. Japan): "Characterization of chaos in many-body quantum systems"

HANADA Masanori (Southampton Univ. UK): "Onset of quantum chaos and black hole formation"

JAHNKE Viktor (GIST): "The Gravity Dual of OTOCs"

TURIACI Gustavo ( UCSB, USA): "Gravity, chaos and low dimensional examples"

CHOI Jae Yoon (KAIST): "Quantum simulation of many-body localization in optical lattices"

You may check the abstracts of the talks:



We are looking forward to seeing you in Gwangju!

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Keun-Young Kim

On behalf of organizers

KIM Nakwoo (Kyung Hee U.), KIM Keun-Young (GIST), KIM Dong-Hee (GIST), YOON Junggi (KIAS)
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