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작성자 관리자 날짜 2009-01-05
제목 YongPyong Astro-Particle and Conformal Topical Physics 2009 (Feb. 23-27, 2009)



APCTP 2009 YongPyong

YongPyong Astro-Particle and Conformal Topical Physics 2009

Feb. 23-27, 2009 (YongPyong, Korea Republic of)

The third conference on Astro Particle and Conformal in Topical Physics.

Visit our first and second Yongpyong conference site.

  • About APCTP 2009 YongPyong
  • We, all the members of LOC, would like to welcome the participants of YongPyong 2009, which will be held in YongPyong Ski Resort, Korea during February 23-27, 2009.
    This is the third time that this international conference of Astro. Particle. Conformal Topical Physics (APCTP) is held in a beautiful ski resort, YongPyong, Korea.

    During the conference, we expect many excellent reviews and contemporary work presentations on Astrophysics, Particle Physics and Conformal Field Theory. We will thank all the speakers and participants for their thorough, insightful and inspiring talks.

    We have profited greatly from the advice and suggestions of the International Advisory Committee, IAC, and thank all the local support group members and secretaries. We also grateful acknowledge the support of APCTP, CQUeST, KIAS and KISTI.

    Thanks again.
    Choong Sun Kim (C S Kim)
    Chair, IAC and LOC of YongPyong

  • Registration
  • The registration fee is 200,000 Won/per person (share condominium with 4-6 person).
    The fee includes the room, breakfast and banquet. But it does not include housing and the meal for accompanying family members. The banquet is open to all family members.
    If you want to accompany family members, you have to pay for your own room.
    The room rate is 110,000 Won per day.
    All seminar speakers will be exempted from paying registration fee (200,000 Won).
    Students should present seminar or poster session.

    To attend the YongPyong 2009, one should register until Jan. 31 and pay the fee when you arrive at the conference site.

    Please complete the below information and send it to Chang, S. ( schang@cskim.yonsei.ac.kr)

    1. Last Name, First Name

    2. Title: (Prof. PostDr. Student) Gender: (Male, Female)

    3. Nationality:

    4. Affiliation:

    5. E-mail:

    6. Travel Schedule (e.g 02/23-02/27)

    7. Do you want give a seminar?

      Poster( )     Seminar ( )

    8. Will you accompany with your family?

    9. Will take the shuttle bus on 23rd (if yes, write the number of people, if no, type 0)?

  • Conference site Information
  • GREENPIA Condominium, in YongPyong resort
    Yongsan-ri, Doam-myeon, Pyongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea

    Location (Yongpyong) Homepage

    How to Get to YongPyong ski resort

    1. Incheon Airpot - Lotte hotel Jamsil - Yongpyong
    [Incheon->Jamsil Hotel Lotte World]
    To get to the Jamsil from Inchon Airport,
    Bus stop Number at Airport: 4B, 11A (Jamsil)
    Fare: 14,000 Won
    Info. link: http://www.koreanair.com/local/jp/gd/eng/aa/ia/aa_ia_limo.htm

    [Shuttle bus to YongPyong]
    We will going to arrange a bus from Seoul Jamsil Lotte world Hotel. There is a Airport Limousine bus which directly comes to the Hotel. The bus will depart to conference site on Feb. 23th 13pm at the front of the Hotel (the airport bus stop). Since there are only limited seat on the bus, only who sign for the bus can use it. If there are more people than the number of seats, the priority is as follows, foreigners, conference staffs(secretaries), students. We will update about bus as soon as we arrange it.

    [YongPyong Resort Shuttle Bus at Jamsil]
    At 5:50am and 9:00am, there are direct buses from Jamsil Lotte Mart (next to the hotel) to YongPyong ski resort.
    Info. link: http://www.yongpyong.co.kr/eng/trans/tr_sbus.asp

    You can reserve the ticket at Buspia homepage (Korean).

    2. Incheon Airpot - Eastern Seoul Bus terminal - Yongpyong
    [Incheon->Dong Seoul Terminal(Eastern Seoul Bus terminal)]

    Bus stop Number at Airport: 4B, 11A (the same bus as above)

    *You may get information on limousine and buses and purchase a bus ticket at the transportation information counter (near the exit No.2,4,9,13) on the arrival floor(1st floor) of passenger terminal.

    Info. link: http://www.yongpyong.co.kr/eng/trans/tr_abus.asp

    [Dong(Eastern) Seoul Terminal->Hwenggye]
    Hours of operation :
    06:32, 07:10, 08:15, 09:00, 09:35, 10:10, 10:50, 11:25,
    12:00, 12:30, 13:40, 14:15, 14:50, 15:25, 16:02, 16:35,
    17:10, 17:45, 18:20, 18:56, 19:30, 20:05

    Travelling Time: 2.5 Hours
    Fare: 13,200 Won

    Info. link: http://www.yongpyong.co.kr/eng/trans/tr_ebus.asp

    [Hwenggye->YongPyong ski resort]
    Free shuttle bus to YongPyong resort will be available until early evening. If there is no bus when you arrive at Hwenggye, you can take taxi to the YongPyong Resort. It will take about 10 min by taxi.

    In Dong Seoul Terminal and Hwenggye, it might hard to find a information in English. Print below PDF file and show it to the bus/taxi drivers or information desk if they don't speak English.
    PDF file of useful Korean terms.

    Bus from YongPyong to Seoul
    There will be a shuttle bus after the conference (afternoon of Feb 27). You can ask it at the conferece site. You can take the YongPyong to Jamsil Lotte shuttle bus which starts 1pm and 5pm everyday.

  • Organization Committee
  • International Advisory Committee

    Kihyeon Cho (KISTI) E.J. Chun (KIAS), C.S. Kim (Yonsei U.), B.H. Lee (Sogang U.), S.K. Oh (Konkuk U.),

    Local Organization Committee

    S.H. Chang (Konkuk U.), S.J. Hyun (Yonsei U.), S.K. Kang (SNUT) Y.J. Kwon (Yonsei U.), H.J. Shin (Sogang U.) K. Siyeon (Chungang U.),

  • Contact Information
  • Chang, S. (schang@cskim.yonsei.ac.kr)
    C.S. Kim (cskim@yonsei.ac.kr)
    APCTP :
    Su Ok Kim (paulina@apctp.org), Ju Hyun Park (juhyun@apctp.org)


    Homepage : http://apctp.org/conferences/apctp2009/

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