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작성자 관리자 날짜 2007-05-25
제목 3rd APCTP-KIAS school(Feb 5-8, 2006)

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3rd APCTP-KIAS school
on Statistical Physics

February 05-08, 2006
at Phoenix Park, Gangwondo, Korea


Homepage for the 3rd APCTP-KIAS Winter School on Statistical Physics

*Home:    http://stat4.ph.ssu.ac.kr/school2006
*Poster:   winterschool2006.jpg (1Mb)

Purpose and Scope


The school provides an opportunity for graduate students and young researchers to learn about traditional skills as well as recent topics in the field of statistical mechanics. Lecturers will give mini courses of four to six hours at the level of junior graduate students and seminar speakers will introduce recent topics of their own interest.

Organizing Committee

  • Moo Young Choi (SNU/KIAS),   Hyeong-Chai Jeong (Sejong)
  • Jin Min Kim (Soongsil),                Yup Kim (Kyung Hee)
  • Hyungtae Kook (Kyungwon),      Sangbub Lee (Kyungpook)
  • Hyunggyu Park (KIAS)


  • Jin Min Kim
    Department of Physics
    Soongsil University
    Seoul 156-743, Korea
    Email: jmkim@physics.ssu.ac.kr
  • Hyunggyu Park
    School of Physics
    Korea Institute for Advanced Study
    Seoul 130-722, Korea
    Email: hgpark@kias.re.kr
  • Changhan Lee
    Department of Physics
    Soongsil University
    Seoul 156-743, Korea
    Email: chlee@physics.ssu.ac.kr
    Tel: 018-362-9579
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