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작성자 관리자 날짜 2009-12-11
제목 Joint SKKU/CQUeST Workshop on String/M-theory and related topics, (June 12-13 20

Joint SKKU/CQUeST Workshop
on String/M-theory and related topics

Jun. 12 (Fri) - Jun. 13 (Sat), 2009
SKKU, Suwon Natural Science Campus, KOREA

The aim of the workshop

To provide a framework for the exchange of ideas and discussion of recent
developments in string theory/M-theory and related areas.


A wide range of topics from multiple M-brane theories to applications to condensed matter systems is planned to be covered.

Speakers and titles of the talks

  • Ki-Myeong Lee (KIAS) - Nonrelativistic SCFT on M2 Branes
  • Andreas Gustavsson (CQUeST) - M-branes from ABJM theory
  • Sang-Jin Sin (Hanyang Univ.) - A dual gravity for the hadronic dense matter
  • Horatiu Nastase (Tokyo Inst. Tech.) - The Fuzzy S2 structure of M2-M5 systems in ABJM membrane theories
  • Inyong Park (Philander Smith College) - Open string loop induced D-brane geometry
  • Takao Suyama (SNU) - Wilson loops in gauge theories with product gauge group
  • Satoshi Yamaguchi (SNU) - Surface operators and AdS/CFT correspondence
  • Mu-In Park (Chonbuk National University) - Remarks on Horava Gravity
  • Yoonbai Kim (SKKU) - Black Hole, Global Monopole, and Electric Field in Horava-Lifshitz Gravity
  • Sang-Heon Yi (Yonsei University) - The effective action of ABJM model: Eight Fermion Terms
  • Qing-Guo Huang (KIAS) - A geometric description of the non-Gaussianity
  • Sang-Woo Kim (CQUeST) - 7616 : Critical number of ideal Bose gas confined in a cubic box
  • Da-Wei Pang (CQUeST) - Black Holes in Asymptotically Lifshitz Spacetime
  • Sunyoung Shin (SKKU) - Oblique DLCQ of M theory
  • Kanghoon Lee (Yonsei University) - Three-algebra for supermembrane and two-algebra for superstring
  • Hiroaki Nakajima (SKKU) - Coupling between M2-branes and Form Fields


Bum-Hoon Lee (bhl at sogang.ac.kr)
Phillial Oh (ploh at skku.edu)
Nakwoo Kim (nkim at khu.ac.kr)
Corneliu Sochichiu (sochichi at skku.edu)
Yoonbai Kim (yoonbai at skku.edu)
O-Kab Kwon (okab at skku.edu)
Driba Tolla (ddtolla at skku.edu)
Hiroaki Nakajima (nakajima at skku.edu)
Min-Young Choi (mychoi22 at skku.edu)
Young-Hwan Hyun (yhhyun at skku.edu)

Secretaries of the workshop

Jong-Ah Seo (cquest at sogang.ac.kr)
Chaejin Heo (heocj at skku.edu)

  • URL address: http://cquest.sogang.ac.kr, http://www.skku.ac.kr

    For more information, please write to Prof. Corneliu Sochichiu (email:sochichi@skku.edu).

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