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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2010-08-10
제목 APCTP 2010 LHC Physics Workshop at Korea (Aug. 10 - 12, 2010)

APCTP 2010 LHC Physics Workshop at Korea

Aug. 10 - 12, 2010

Konkuk Univ., Seoul, Korea


   We are very pleased to announce that ‘’APCTP 2010 LHC Physics Workshop at Korea’’ will be held on 10-12, August, 2010, at Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea, under the auspice of APCTP.
   It is well known to the physics community worldwide that APCTP is one of the internationally leading agencies located in Asia, dedicated to promote international cooperation among scientists in all areas of physics from the member countries within the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. In order to fulfill the purpose of APCTP, it has selected this workshop in the last three consecutive years as one of its main activities in the field of high energy physics.
   It is our purpose to provide this workshop as a platform for promoting the international relationship between Korean high energy physics communities and the leading organization of the sort in the world, CERN.
   Currently, the major program that supports Korean participation in the LHC experiments is carried out by a division of the Korea Research Foundation. Korean physicists participating in the LHC experiments may be grouped into five teams: the Korea-ALICE team (Principal contractor: Pusan National University), the Korea-CMS team (Principal contractor: University of Seoul), ALICE Tier2 center (Principal contractor: KISTI), CMS Tier2 center (Principal contractor: Kyungpook National University), and Theory Group (Principal contractor: Pusan National University). The research activities of these teams are carried out in parallel and rather independently. Thus, another purpose of this workshop is to share the progress of the research activities among these teams in one convention.
   Further, this workshop would like to provide communications and collaborations between experimental and theoretical physicists in the Asia Pacific region who take part, and want to take part, in the LHC program. In order to ensure active participation of young physicists who are interested in the LHC program, the vast and firm network of APCTP in the region would be of great help and necessity.

Organizing Committee
- Sun Kun Oh (오선근, Konkuk Univ) sunkun@konkuk.ac.kr local member, chair
- June-Tak Rhee (이준택, Konkuk Univ) jtrhee@konkuk.ac.kr local member
- Jeonghyeon Song (송정현, KU) jhsong@konkuk.ac.kr local member
- Guinyun Kim (김귀년, Kyungpook Nat Univ) gnkim@knu.ac.kr
- Seyong Kim (김세용, Sejong Univ) seyong.kim81@gmail.com
- In-Kwon Yoo (유인권, Pusan Nat Univ) yoo@pusan.ac.kr spokesperson of Ko-ALICE team
- Pyungwon Ko (고병원, KIAS) pko@kias.re.kr
- Jung-il Lee (이정일, Korea Univ) jungil@korea.ac.kr
- In-kyu Park (박인규, UOS) icpark@uos.ac.kr spokesperson of Korea CMS team
- Jae Mo Park (박재모, POSTECH & APCTP) jaemo@postech.ac.kr APCTP conference coordinator for high energy physics 

Supervisory Committee
- Bum-Hoon Lee (이범훈, Sogang Univ) bhl@sogang.ac.kr chairperson of CQUeST, Sogang University
- Sun Kee Kim (김선기, Seoul Nat Univ) skkim@phya.snu.ac.kr chairperson of the particle physics division of the Korean Physical Society
- Do-Won Kim (김도원, Kangnung Nat Univ) Do.Won.Kim@cern.ch
- Dongchul Son (손동철, Kyungpook Nat Univ) son@knu.ac.kr
- Jihn Eui Kim (김진의, Seoul Nat Univ) jekim@phya.snu.ac.kr
- Eung Jin Chun (전응진, KIAS) ejchun@kias.re.kr
- Seunghwan Kim (김승환, Postech & APCTP) swan@postech.ac.kr Director General of APCTP
- Deog-Ki Hong (홍덕기, Pusan Nat Univ) deogki@gmail.com
- Ruediger Voss (CERN) Rudiger.Voss@cern.ch) CERN Coordinator for Korea
- Kiwoon Choi (최기운, KAIST) kchoi@kaist.ac.kr


   Korean physicists are actively participating in the LHC experiments in two collaborations. One is the ALICE collaboration and the other is the CMS collaboration. A number of physicists and graduate students are involved in these two experiments. Besides, information technology experts are also taking responsible part in the grid computing for the LHC experiments: The Tier2 center for ALICE is established in KISTI and the Tier2 center for CMS is firmly established in Kyungpook National University. Also, there is a program between CERN and Korean Physical Society, which is to promote Korean theoretical high energy physicists visiting CERN as fellows.
   As the first running of the LHC has been done quite successfully in 2009, the year 2010 would certainly be the first year for reaping the full raw data for physics analysis at LHC. It is indeed one of the most desired and anticipated high energy physics experiments that can be foreseen within the forthcoming decades. The experiments at LHC are such a rare opportunity for the high energy communities around world, including Korea and Asia Pacific region as well.
   We hope that this workshop will be a suitable place for those who are working in Korea for the LHC experiments to get together and exchange their ideas and achievements.

Supporting institutions

APCTP is the main hosting institution.
This workshop is also supported by CHEP of Kyungpook National University, CQUeST of Sogang University, School of Physics of KIAS, Ko-ALICE of Pusan National University, and WCU-QPD of Konkuk University.

- APCTP: sec@apctp.org

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