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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2015-03-06
제목 [Seminar] Mar.11 (Wed), 4:30 pm, Miok Park

Data & Time : Mar.11 (Wed), 4:30 pm

Place : RA312

Speaker : Miok Park

Institute : KIAS

Title : Thermodynamic Mass and Volume in Lifshitz Spacetimes

Abstract : We examine the concept of black hole thermodynamic volume and its consistency with thermodynamic mass  in spacetimes that are not asymptotically flat but instead have anisotropic Lifshitz scaling symmetry. We find that the generalized Smarr relation in anti de Sitter space -- extended to include a pressure-volume term -- holds here as well, and that  there exists a definition of thermodynamic mass and thermodynamic volume that satisfy both this relation and the $1^{st}$ law of thermodynamics. We compare the thermodynamic mass with other known quantities such as ADM, Brown-York and Hollands-Ishibashi-Marolf masses. We also conjecture methods for obtaining a thermodynamic mass where there is ambiguity due to the cosmological constant lengthscale depending on the horizon radius length scale.

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