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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2016-02-15
제목 [Seminar] Feb.17 (Wed.) 3:30pm, Manu Paranjape
Date-Time : Feb.17 (Wed.) 3:30pm

Place : R1029

Speaker : Manu Paranjape

Institute : University of Montreal

Title : Solitons and instantons in an effective model of CP violation

Abstract : We study an effective field theory describing  CP-violation in a scalar  meson sector.  We write the simplest interaction that we can imagine,  $${cal L}sim epsilon_{i_1cdots i_5}epsilon^{mu_1cdotsmu_4}phi_{i_1}partial_{mu_1}phi_{i_2}partial_{mu_2}phi_{i_3} partial_{mu_3}phi_{i_4}partial_{mu_4}phi_{i_5}$$ which involves 5 scalar fields. The theory describes CP-violation only when it contains scalar fields representing mesons such as the $K^*_0$, sigma, $f_0$ or $a_0$.  If the fields represent pseudo-scalar mesons, such as  B, K  and $pi$ mesons then the Lagrangian describes anomalous processes such as $KKto pipipi$.     We speculate that the field theory contains long lived excitations corresponding to $Q$-ball type domain walls expanding through space-time.  In an 1+1 dimensional, analogous, field theory we find an exact, analytic solution corresponding to such solitons.  The solitons have a U(1) charge $Q$, which can be arbitrarily high, but oddly, the energy behaves as $Q^{2/3}$ for large charge, thus the configurations are stable under disintegration into elementary charged particles of mass $m$ with $Q=1$.   We also find analytic complex instanton solutions which have finite, positive Euclidean action.
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