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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2016-12-15
제목 [Seminar]Dec. 15(Thu), 4:30pm, Paul Pearce


Date-Time : Dec. 15(Thu), 4:30pm 

Place : R1029

Speaker : Paul Pearce
Institute : University of Melbourne

Title : Yang-Baxter Solution of Periodic Dimers as a Free-Fernion Six-Vertex Model

Abstract : Dimers is shown to be Yang-Baxter integrable as a six-vertex model at the free-fermion point. A one-to-many mapping maps vertex configurations onto anisotropic dimer configurations on a square lattice where the dimers are rotated by 45 degrees compared to their usual orientation. We establish and solve inversion identities and show that the dimer modular invariant partition function coincides with that of critical dense polymers. We argue that dimers is described by a logarithmic conformal field theory with central charge $c=-2$ and effective central charge $c_{eff}=1$. At the isotropic point, we also obtain the counting of rotated dimer configurations on an arbitrary $Mtimes N$ rectangular lattice. 

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