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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2017-02-01
제목 [Seminar]Feb. 9(Thu), 4:00pm, Hyung Won Lee

Date-Time :  Feb. 9(Thu), 4:00pm

Place : R1029

Speaker : Hyung Won  Lee

Institute : Inje University

Title : Direct Gravitational Wave Observation in LIGO

Abstract : In this talk, I will summarize the detection of gravitational waves in LIGO. The existence of gravitational wave was predicted by the general theory of relativity of Einstein 100 years ago. Its detection was expected to be very difficult from the beginning, and even Einstein himself was very doubtfull of its detection. However, revolutionary developments in technology made it possible to measure very tiny movements using precise laser interferometer supported by some enhancements. The basic concept of gravitational wave will be reviewed. Then I will explain the possible  astrophysical sources and the principles used in making the detector. Since the signal is very weak, the signal must be extracted from noise. This requires very sophisticated data analysis process, which will be introduced. Finally I will summarize the LIGO's recent paper about three beautiful events observed last year.

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