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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2017-03-31
제목 [Seminar] Apr. 6 (Thu), 3:00pm, Hisayoshi Muraki

Date-Time : Apr. 6 (Thu), 3:00pm  (The time is changed, please check it.)

Place : R1029

Speaker : Hisayoshi Muraki

Institute : Tsukuba University

Title : Geometry of Matrices

Abstract : Within the framework of matrix theories, configurations of strings/membranes are described by Hermitian matrices. Using the Hamiltonian/Dirac operator made of the matrices, one can obtain a configuration of geometry corresponding to a given configuration of matrices. In the seminar I would like to introduce the method how to relate geometry with matrices developed in arXiv:1503.01230 and 1603.09146, providing a few examples and putting some emphasis on discussion concerning the spatial metric and the Poisson tensor. As another but related story, I would like to briefly mention a gravity theory on Poisson manifolds proposed in arXiv:1508.05706 and 1610.06554. The theory has its basis on the compatibility of the spatial metric and the Poisson tensor with each other, which defines a unique connection, leading to the idea of the contravariant gravity.


arXiv:1503.01230, 1508.05706, 1603.09146, 1610.06554

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