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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2017-05-24
제목 [Seminar] May 25 (Thu), 4:00pm, Edvard Musaev

Date-Time : May 25 (Thu), 4:00pm

Place : R1029

Speaker : Edvard Musaev

Institute : Potsdam, Max Planck Institute

Title : Non-standard branes in string and M-theory

Abstract : String theory is known to describe not only strings, but also Dp-branes. These extended p-dimensional objects are often used to build compactification and penomenological schemes. In this talk the less known sector of stringy extended objects will be discussed. These are the so-called exotic (non-standard) branes, which appear on an equal footing with the normal D-branes. However, the corresponding geometry cannot be defined globally or even locally. We show, how these difficulties can be overcome in the framework of duality covariant field theories.

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