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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2017-07-19
제목 [Seminar] Jul. 21 (Fri.) 4:30 pm, In Yong Park
Date-Time : Jul. 21 (Fri), 4:30pm

Place : R1029

Speaker : In Yong Park 

Institute : Philander Smith College

Title : Quantum gravity and black hole information

Abstract : We review the offshell non-renormalizability of the 4D Einstein-Hilbert action. Then we employ the ADM formalism and impose the field equations of the non-dynamical fields as the constraints. The solution of the constraints implies that the physical states admit a 3D hypersurface description which in turn leads to renormalizability of those physical states. The quantization procedure, especially the gauge-fixing-induced reduction, provides a new insight into the black hole information paradox. The hypersurface degrees of freedom in the asymptotic region - whose dynamics should be responsible for part of the `hair' - and transitions among various excitations play a central role in the global formulation of the information and proposed solution of the information paradox. We discuss the solution of the black hole information paradox suggested by the quantization scheme. We also comment on the implications of the asymptotic symmetries for the present quantization framework.
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