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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2018-03-15
제목 [Seminar] Jan. 23 (Tue) 4:00 pm, Fumihiko Sugino
DATE & TIME   Jan. 23 (Tue) 4:00 pm
PLACE   R1029
SPEAKER   Fumihiko Sugino
HOST   Chaiho Rim
TITLE   Quantum spin chains achieving large entanglement of the square root of the volume

  Quantum entanglement is the most surprising feature of quantum mechanics, and plays a crucial role in quantum computation. Ground states of quantum many-body systems typically exhibit the area law behavior in the entanglement entropy, which measures the amount of entanglement between a subsystem and the rest of the system. Recently, a class of solvable one-dimensional spin models with local interactions has been constructed by Mavassagh and Shor and by Salberger and Korepin, in which the ground state is expressed as a superposition of random walks, and has much larger entanglement. Its entanglement entropy is shown to be proportional to the square root of the volume. In this talk, after a brief review of the models, we construct an extension of these models based on the symmetric inverse semigroup, and discuss properties of ground states with the entanglement entropy. If time permits, we would like to discuss localization properties of excited states, which are new features arising by the extension.

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