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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2011-05-11
제목 International workshop on "String Theory and Cosmology" (23-25 June)


International workshop on "String Theory and Cosmology"

Date: June 23~ June 25
Place: Grand Hotel Pusan Korea (http://www.grandhotel

Invited Speakers

1) Rong-gen Cai (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
2) Hanno Sahlmann (APCTP, Korea)
3) Hongwei Yu (Ningbo University, China)
4) Bin Wang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)
5) Masato Minamitsuji (Kyoto University, Japan)
6) Yungui Gong (Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China)
7) Jong Hong Zhu (Beijing Normal University, China)
8) Bin Chen (Peking Universkty, China)
9) Noboyoshi Otha (Ginki University, Japan)
10) Liam Mcallist (Cornell University, USA)

Full Name E-mail Institute Remarks
Rong-Gen Cai cairg@itp.ac.cn Institute of Theoretical Physics(China)
Yun-Soo Myung ysmyung@inje.ac.kr Inje University(Korea)
Nobuyoshi Ohta ohtan@phys.kindai.ac.jp Kinki University(Japan)
Yoonbai Kim yoonbai@skku.edu Sungkyunkwan University(Korea)
Mark Wyman mwyman@perimeterinstitute.ca Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (Canada)
Jungjai Lee jjlee@daejin.ac.kr Daejin University(Korea)
Yungui Gong gongyg@cqupt.edu.cn Chongqing University(China)
Hyeong Chan Kim hyeongchan@gmail.com Chungju National University(Korea)
Chiang-Mei Chen cmchen@phy.ncu.edu.tw National Central University(Taiwan)
Xuelei Chen xuelei@cosmology.bao.ac.cn Chinese Academy of Sciences(China)
Sang-Jin Sin sjsin@hanyang.ac.kr Hanyang University(Korea)
Soonkeon Nam nam@khu.ac.kr Kyung Hee University(Korea)
Local Organizer
Full Name E-mail Institute Remarks
Yun-Soo Myung ysmyung@inje.ac.kr Inje University
Soonkeon Nam nam@khu.ac.kr Kyung Hee University
Yoonbai Kim yoonbai@skku.edu Sungkyunkwan University
Sang-Jin Sin sjsin@hanyang.ac.kr Hanyang University
Hang Bae Kim hbkim@hanyang.ac.kr Hanyang University
Jae-Weon Lee scikid@gmail.com KIAS
Hyun Seok Yang hsyang@kias.re.kr KIAS
Seoktae Koh steinkoh@gmail.com Cheju National University
Stefano Scopel scopel@kias.re.kr SNU
Inyong Cho iycho@snut.ac.kr Seoul National University of Technology
Youngone Lee youngone@daejin.ac.kr Daejin University
Sin Kyu Kang skkang@snut.ac.kr Seoul National University of Technology



There is no registration fee. For foreign invited speakers, the air fare and accommodation fee will be refunded by APCTP, Inju University, or CQUeST. For this, we need the boarding pass, passport, e-ticket, and a copy of bank account. For participants, the accommodation fee will be paid. Meals will also be supported during the workshop.

For accommodation, we will register a room in Haeundae Grand Hotel for you. If you want to book at another place, please inform me or one of the local organizers.

Hyeong-Chan Kim (Chungju National University) 
 E-mail address :
 Institute & Address: School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chungju National University, Chungju 380-702, Korea 

Gowoon Lee (APCTP) 
 E-mail address :

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