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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2018-07-10
제목 [Seminar] Jul. 18 (Wed), 4:00 pm, Taejin Lee
DATE & TIME   Jul. 18 (Wed), 4:00 pm
PLACE   R1029
SPEAKER   Taejin Lee
HOST   Wontae Kim
INSTITUTE   Kangwon National University
TITLE   Quantum Gravity and String Field Theory

  We construct a closed string field theory in the proper-time gauge which is the closed analog of the deformed cubic open string field theory and define the general closed string scattering amplitudes. Taking the zero-slope limit, we explicitly evaluate the three-graviton scattering amplitudes and the four-graviton scattering amplitudes. They are shown to reduce to the graviton scattering amplitudes of the Einstein gravity. Given that the four-closed-string interaction is generated perturbatively by the three-closed-string interaction, the quantum theory of gravity may be described consistently as a low energy limit of the closed string field theory which contains a cubic closed string interaction only.

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