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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2018-11-28
제목 [Seminar] Dec. 13 (Thu), 4:30 pm, O-Kab Kwon
DATE & TIME   Dec. 13 (Thu), 4:30 pm
PLACE   R1029
SPEAKER   O-Kab Kwon
HOST   Hyun Seok Yang
INSTITUTE   Sungkyunkwan University
TITLE   Gravitational Wave as a Probe of the Extra Dimension

  We consider the Einstein-Hilbert action in 5-dimensions without cosmological constant and implement the Kaluza-Klein (KK) reduction by keeping massive scalar modes on a compactified circle. We show that the massive KK scalar modes can be the sources of the gravitational wave (GW) with characteristic dependence of the size of the extra dimension and the frequency of the GW in the view point of 5-dimensions. In terms of the KK reduction with field redefinition including higher derivatives for KK scalar modes, we find that the propagation of the GW in the presence of the KK scalar field source in 5-dimensions can be identified with the propagation of GW in Minkowski vacuum in 4-dimensions.

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