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작성자 CQUeST 날짜 2011-06-29
제목 APCTP-WCU Focus program (August 16 (Tue) ~ 25 (Thu), 2011)

2nd Year of APCTP-WCU Focus program

“From dense matter to compact stars in QCD

and in hQCD” (2010-2013)


APCTP, Pohang, Korea

August 16 (Tue), 2011 ~ August 25 (Thu), 2011

This is the second program in series of a 5-year cooperative research between the WCU-Hanyang program (Five year program on ‘Hadronic Matter under Extreme Conditions’) and the APCTP Focus Program.  The 2011 program will then take up the first focused debate on the intricate interplay between the equation of state of dense baryonic matter and the compact-star mass/radii. The 2010 session highlighted the variety of issues involved, namely, the stiffness or softness of the compressed baryonic matter, as predicted by both QCD-motivated models and holographic approaches and their ramifications on observables. In the coming session, these will be confronted more rigorously with the presently available astrophysical observations, with the view to streamline the future directions of research in the multi-disciplined approach that encompasses a wide range of fields, i.e., particle/hadron/nuclear physics, astrophysics, condensed matter physics, holographic gravity/gauge duality.
   Compact stars   
    Properties of matter at high densities
    EoS with scaling masses
    Nuclear symmetry energy in QCD and hQCD
    Lattice QCD for nuclear forces, hard core repulsion, holographic nuclei and dense matter  
   Mannque Rho (CEA France &  Hanyang University )
   Hyun Kyu Lee (Hanyang University & APCTP)
   Sang-Jin Sin (Hanyang University)
   Youngman Kim (APCTP)
   Hyun Kyu Lee : hyunkyu@hanyang.ac.kr
   Youngman Kim: ykim@apctp.org
   APCTP: sec@apctp.org

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